They’re not what they used to be

Dentures are prosthetic teeth constructed to replace missing teeth supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of your mouth. Conventional dentures are removable, however there are many new denture designs, some which rely on implants or clipping onto teeth in various ways.

Dentures require careful cleaning and regular maintenance or replacement as your mouth shape changes over time. They can be the cause of gum problems and further deterioration of the remaining teeth if not done carefully. Maintained and examined at your regular dental examination.

Dentures restore function, enabling people to eat normally, speak clearly and feel confident about the aesthetics of their smile. They also provide support for the cheeks and lips.

To ensure you receive the best possible fit for your dentures an impression mould of your natural remaining teeth as well as your gum line is made and used as a template. From these impressions your dentures are custom-made.

It may take a little while to get used to wearing dentures. You might find your speech is affected and the dentures feel a bit odd, it is also advisable to have only soft foods and liquids for a short period to become conditioned to wearing them. Dentures often need adjustments to make them comfortable and functional.

Your Inform Dental practitioner will advise you on the wearing procedures and times to wear your dentures.

While many people choose dentures to replace missing teeth, they are not the only option. Dental implants are fast becoming a popular alternative for patients with missing teeth, but they are not suitable for everyone. We invite you to discuss your best option with us at Inform Dental