Fissure Sealants

Getting into the groove

Fissure seals are small preventative coverings that are placed on teeth that are in danger of developing decay due to their anatomy, which may be excessively bumpy or groovy in the fissure of the tooth. These types of teeth have a higher risk of accumulating plaque and food in the grooves and are therefore more susceptible to developing decay.

Once the tooth coloured material is flowed through these grooves of the tooth, it makes it more difficult for plaque and food to remain caught in the grooves, and also makes it easier to brush.

The material used for this procedure may be a flowable composite resin or for teeth that have not been in the mouth more that two years, glass ionomer cement would be used.

To ensure the fissures sealant is still in place as your child’s teeth develop it’s important you bring your child in to see the Inform Dental team every six months.