Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening

We have purchased the Oral ID for use at our practice. This will be used as part of your annual check up to help with early detection of oral cancers.

  • Risk factors for oral cancer include smoking, alcohol, age & genetics.
  • 50% of oral cancer in the US are from the HPV virus
  • 63%of oral cancers are detected too late (at stage III or IV)
  • 80% of oral cancers are diagnosed after it has spread
  • Late stage diagnosis means only 22% survival at 5 years
  • With early diagnosis patients have a 90% survival rate
  • Oral cancer is on the rise in people under 40 years of age

Oral cancer is on the rise and is one of the top 5 cancers taking people’s lives. Tragically it is affecting the younger demographic due to the increase in human papillomavirus (HPV)

The Oral ID simplifies the detection and can identify a suspicious lesion as early as stage I & permits detection before metastasis.

The Oral ID is capable of detecting invisible lesions, lesions not noticed by normal visual inspection. Early detection means smaller lesion, less trauma.

Oral ID means more screening, early detection, greater survival!