Orthodontics today differs greatly from the thick, heavy wires and brackets many of us remember.

With so many options available, orthodontic treatment is no longer the realm of teens as many adults are discovering the benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment to correct alignment problems they have had since childhood.

Braces not only help straighten misaligned teeth but also guide the growth and development of the facial bones, which is why they are mostly prescribed for patients in their pre- or early teens.

At Inform Dental we recommend your child has an assessment when their first adult teeth begin to emerge, around 6 – 7 years of age or earlier if obvious problems exist. Assessment and if necessary, intervention this early can assist in better dentofacial development and avoid extraction therapies.

There are many varying factors to consider before undertaking orthodontic treatment. Following a comprehensive exanimation, the Inform Dental team will discuss with you the options available for you or your child.