Root Canal Therapy

Eliminating the fear factor

Often the cause of much apprehension, Root Canal Therapy is a procedure people fear most. However, with a range of pain relief options available and modern dental techniques, root canal therapy can be completed quickly and generally without discomfort.

A tooth may require root canal treatment because of severe decay gum disease or the tooth has sustained damage in an accident. All of this can cause the death of the tooth pulp (nerves and blood vessels) requiring its removal.

The procedure involves isolating the tooth to prevent the possibility of reinfection. Then any tooth decay is removed and a channel is created so the pulp can be extracted.

The root canals are thoroughly cleaned, sterilised and re-shaped then once the tooth is free of any signs of infection and pain, the root canal is filled with a special compound.

Most teeth that have undergone root canal therapy are restored to function with a crown. Depending on the location of the tooth this may be a porcelain crown or composite resin for front teeth or a gold or alloy based crown for back teeth, which require additional strength. These needs will be individually assessed by your practitioner at Inform Dental.

If you’re apprehensive about any dental treatments we encourage you to talk with the Inform Dental team who can explain the procedure fully to alleviate your concerns.