Tooth Coloured Fillings – Composite Resin

Keeping your smile white

Fillings are a restorative treatment option to repair decayed or broken teeth that are of a small to moderate size. In the past, amalgam (silver) material has been used for its strength and durability. Amalgam is not used at Inform Dental, as the use of mercury based restorations is not performed for the health of both patient and staff.

With modern advancements, a tooth coloured resin material is available and in most situations almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth.

This type of restoration is bonded directly to your tooth and can also be used to repair chipped or misshapen teeth during a single appointment. Composite Resin can also be used for cosmetic reconstruction of front teeth.

Replacing stable amalgam fillings is not necessary unless you particularly want to improve the visual properties of your smile. For many, this is an incentive to investigate this option or a personal preference to remove the mercury alloys.

There may be some situations when amalgam is replaced with adhesive restorations to try and enhance the strength of the tooth.